I never win anything – except once at a very smart Ball I won a year’s supply of deodorant, my raucous friends thought this very funny,  but I’ve won nothing meaningful.  Until this Christmas Eve, when Dave our postman called up to me to say he had a special delivery.  He was holding an exciting looking silver envelope, inside was a marvelous selection of goodies from Arbonne.

Out tumbled a glamorous silk eye mask, mascara, serums, hand lotion, a facial mask and REALLY just what I wanted, and desperately needed – some body oil.  Cold winds have been whipping down the Thames Valley, and my drug-dried-out skin was really suffering.

On top of this was a lovely letter from Sarah McLellan, their Regional Vice President, telling me all about the Arbonne famiy of plant based products, and even offering me discounts during 2021 if I wanted more.

This all came about after I had visited Maggie’s Cancer Support Centre in Oxford.  I had gone there in desperation;  after treatment in London, I had ended up with loads of long-term side effects.  Forget about those PR stunts when the Minister of Health is shown talking to happy cancer patients who are being looked after in the latest ‘initiative’, this doesn’t happen in real life.  I  had tried to transfer my ‘care’ to a similar hospital in Oxford, and got nowhere.  Until Maggie’s came up with the name of a wonderful oncologist.

They also told me about Ellie’s Friends, who give out surprise presents in a monthly draw,.  They laughed at me when I said I never win anything, and encouraged me to enter.  And the upshot is I WON!  Next time you visit a Maggie Centre, ask about this scheme, which hands out gifts that manage to be glamorous and useful.

Arbonne  www.sarahmclellan.com