Our village postman called up the stairs this morning to tell me he had an “interesting looking parcel for you”. And I was really touched when I opened it, because it was a lovely box of goodies from Lush. Divine smelling bottles of Shower Gel, an interesting lip scrub that has already been put to full use, and – joy of joys – a tub of creamy Body Conditioner.  VERY useful with my cancer struck skin.

This all came about after I had signed up to the website Mission-Remission. There was a tick box that encouraged me to sign up for the possibility of receiving a Lush goodies box.  I NEVER win anything (except a year’s supply of deodorant – trust my luck!) but today I did, and I have a large Cheshire Cat grin all over my face.  What a lovely way to help us and lift our spirits, and thanks to both Mission-Remission and Lush for providing me the best medicine of all!  I love Lush’s products, they really care about their customers and the environment, and made me a Happy Bunny!  https://uk.lush.com/

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