Enough is enough

A furry Larry cat walking on the pipeline near a wallAmongst all the problems one has to deal with around the NHS, one can’t help noticing that there are some Whitehall residents that are doing a very good job.  Would whoever is Secretary of State for Health this week, take note:  Larry keeps his head down, doesn’t seek the limelight (although it follows him), and gets on with his job.  ,

Larry, resident moggie at 10, Downing Street, has seen Prime Ministers come and go, whilst steadfastly sticking to his job.  Not for him Caribbean or Indian Ocean holidays when his country is facing a crisis.  No Partygate nor excursions to Castle Barnard during lockdown.  Instead, he is always there patrolling his domain, and at one time even taken on a fox twice his size, whilst defending his territory.

Unlike some Prime Ministers, Larry has no need to manufacture a photo-opportunity in a sausage factory or forklift truck depot to get press coverage, Larry just pokes his nose outside the door of No. 10 and the world’s press leaps to press its camera shutters

Bought in to keep down a plague of rodents; there were plenty of rats in Whitehall prior to Larry’s arrival but they used to be the four-legged kind (understandable in 300-year-old buildings). Today, thanks to Larry, the animal ones have been cleared out.  Sadly, it’s not his brief to rid Whitehall of the two-legged variety – pity.

Prime Ministers and other Civil Servants should take a leaf out of Larry, Gladstone and Palmerston’s book (all official Whitehall moggies).  They stick to their brief;  are never found swigging milk at garden parties when they should be on duty;  don’t try to get the tax-payer to cough up for gold-plated litter trays, and don’t take a holiday when there is duty to be done.

But – I do think it an insult that the town of Edenbridge added Larry to their bonfire effigy of Liz Truss.  What’s Larry done to deserve this?  See some of his memorable moments on this Sun video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYdRverwbqU