Silly me – it’s taken me weeks to realise self-isolation means others protecting me.  And I thought it was to keep me away from infecting them!  One always thinks one is invincible, but I have to realise at 81 with umpteen conditions, I must protect myself.

It has been a series of shocks;  some good and some bad.  First has been the wonderful volunteering spirit that has overwhelmed me;  my fridge is bursting with goodies that people leave on my doorstep.  On the other hand, I never want to see any of the three monkeys rolled out again for the daily Downing Street briefing on TV.  What is the point, when they are incapable of giving straight answers to questions?  I’ve taken to listening to Nicola Sturgeon:  at least she gives straight answers.

Boris’s letter arrived at last, and whoever wrote it for him has no grasp of what was needed.  It went straight into the w.p.b.  A day later a similar letter arrived from my Bank Manager;  boy- what a difference; I’ve suggested the Bank take over as Cabinet speech writers.  Full of sensible advice, he took us through the Bank’s 328 years of operation, reminded us of previous crises and how we all came through.  Then ended with a charming, but funny story to lift our spirits.

It has been lovely finding Mark, a marvellous local grower who delivers a £10 box crammed with fruit and veg every Friday;  no more foreign produce. And Steve the Butcher who supplies ‘old-fashioned’ ham, ‘French cut’ lamb cutlets and home-made sausages.  I ordered 3 months of essential chocolate supplies from the manufacturer, at wholesale prices – and laundry liquid by the gallon is miles cheaper.  Now, I’ll be able to do without a Supermarket shop – and save money.

In future, I am determined to support local suppliers who have bent over backwards to help – not those firms who let their shelves be swept clean, knowing this would make them a profit.