I have just realised the Wellness Day I am organising is a few days away.  The idea behind the event is to showcase some of the therapies and products available to help us look and feel better.  I will be welcoming people as they come through the door, but I have done nothing about my face.  My feet are fine.  Flexitol on them every morning means there is no cracked skin.  Hurrah!  But feeling my cheeks I can feel a few rough patches left after recent bouts with painkillers and antibiotics.

Last month the local Patient Participation Group at our surgery asked me to talk about the Wellness Day. 50% of the group were very savvy males, and as soon as I said that men got just as many bad skin reactions as a side effect from drugs as did women, their questions came thick and fast.  We are becoming much more ‘skin savvy’, and no longer think a pretty jar will hold a miracle cream.  When will our doctors wise up to this?  After all, skin is our biggest organ, and without it to protect us germs run riot.

So I must take myself in hand. Book a facial with Georgie at Hair of Dorchester (she has a special interest in oncology massage and is giving mini hand massages at the Wellness Day).  Then I must do my bit;  drink more water;  make sure I slap on Anthelios before going out, and around 4 pm give my skin an extra dab of LRP moisturiser.  And use LRP hand cream after washing.  I can’t expect miracles to happen on their own.

Look Good, Feel Better are going to be there, and they now have sessions for men.  If you haven’t taken part, come and find out about this wonderful treat.  And eating healthily won’t do me any harm.  British Tomato growers will also be there, and this reminds me to order in a case of tomato juice.  I drink fruit juice by the pint, and have discovered that whilst Apricot juice has 134 calories for 8 ozs. and orange juice has 110, tomato juice only has 40 calories for a large 1/2 pint glass, and as it contains ‘red’ fruit it is decidedly healthier.  Just watch me bounce around!