My favourite acronym is KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid). So often during medical treatment I think of this, whilst doctors pull long faces discussing treatment option when you know Granny’s remedy is best. Now, the Grenfell Tower enquiry looks like suffering, as – quite rightly – people ask for the Public Enquiry to be extended.

However, the more that is included, and the wider-ranging the enquiry, the longer it will take. Surely, everyone involved wants to know as soon as possible what caused the dreadful fire, and how best to avoid a further disaster. So let the Judge, Sir Martin Moore-Bick, get on with the enquiry as soon as possible, and call for a further one if questions are left unanswered. But I can’t help feeling that the sooner the Judge gets going, the sooner the most important questions will come out. Then it will be up to residents to demand further safeguards that might be necessary. And get on with sorting them out. Not jump up and down trying to score political points.

I can never understand why the NHS comes under a political master, so parties can play ‘politics’ with something that is so vitally important to everyone; don’t let the Grenfell disaster descend into a political, name-calling quagmire. I shall be keeping an eye on things, because the Managing Agents for my block of flats are also the KCTMO. Now, hopefully they can’t ignore responsibilities, as they have in the past.

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