MPs are warning about sending negotiators ‘naked’ to Brussels over Brexit. Well, this has given me a wonderful idea.  There is a Russian sect called the Doukhobours that emigrated to Canada.  Normally peaceful, they protect their traditions fiercely.  Sometimes they can get very upset and will protest strongly if they don’t like an edict from the Government that seems to upset these traditions, such as trying to get their children attend State schools rather than their own.  The way they protest is to strip and march naked,  and they have used this tactic very successfully. So every so often the Canadian government manages to upset them,  the Doukhobours rally for a protest march.  No simple banners or megaphones for them, just strip naked and demonstrate en masse.

Cue for all the voyeurs to come out?  Not really.  Doukhobours believe in good home cooking, and their sizes reflect this.  Apparently the sight of an overweight naked horde advancing on a town is enough to send politicians scrabbling to appease them.  Perhaps we can take advantage of the extra pounds that can pile on when we are being treated?Now, who is going to be brave enough to organise a similar demo in front of Jeremy Hunt?

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