WHOA there, all you Geeks who want the NHS to communicate with us by text/email. or other technology.

In theory that’s fine. But surely our family can’t be the only ones that have been cut off 3 times in six months thanks to PLUSNET (meant I didn’t have an Alarm to call Ambulance), found that BT was running a company with invisible Engineers who would swear they turned up to sort out problems, but no-one in the family could ever see them – and then those on Virgin – just look at the first 1,000 complaints on the Virgin Problem page. Common to all these companies is the arrogance with which they treat customers. So before we entrust our life to them, let’s get some European Engineering over and set up the same system as you can get all over the Continent. Theirs works – ours doesn’t.

So what’s the benefit of being in EU – we can’t get their Broadband speeds, not to mention we don’t live as long after cancer.