Old-fashioned service

Heap fruit and vegetables isolated on whiteA company that cares

During Lockdown, I became a reluctant online order user, and different companies delivered good, bad and indifferent produce – often bad – especially fruit and veg.  I must be getting really old, because I can remember the delights of buying ripe plums that tasted delicious; apples that gave a satisfying sweet crunch when you bit in to them;  and all the other delights of fresh produce.

Then I started to get plastic-wrapped fruit and veg, in online deliveries, and I found these had been ‘treated’ with CO² gas, which gave a ‘pop when I pierced the plastic.  As soon as I opened the package, the contents started to go off – and often half a package had to be thrown away. Not very reluctantly, as it was often picked too early and hadn’t ripened properly.

So I thought of ordering organic boxes, and when Abel and Cole’s vans were to be seen in the village, I went online and started to place an order for a box of Tropical Fruit. Feeling in need of TLC,  I bypassed the local, British boxes and decided on an unashamedly exotic selection (Pineapples, figs, mangoes, etc).

But, when it came to paying, I saw that I would have to place a.weekly order, so stopped.  However, somehow I must have ordered, because shortly after, up popped a confirmation email, and at the same time came a knock on the door – I’d just had a delivery.

What next

Living on my own, a box-full was enough for a couple of weeks, so I phoned to say “please stop”.  Immediately I was answered by Julia, who was charming and offered a refund immediately;, I assured her I would keep the fruit, but no more until I was ready!

This immediate offer of a refund caught me on the hop;  I had been prepared to fight my cause, or even go through to my hank for help/  Instead, I was met by courtesy, charm and genuine helpfulness.

Broadward Hall FarmSo I went back to their website, and had a fascinating time reading about their suppliers (see some on the left\). They supply Booja Bouja chocolates, plus all sorts of useful things like giant bottles of Eco-friendly detergent.

And the quality? My box contained a large and properly-ripe Pineapple (the leaves came out cleanly, unlike a certain Supermarket’s which, two weeks after I had ordered it, was sour when I finally ate it).  The Mangoes look perfect, the figs were deliciously ripe, etc.

Cost?  Yes, it was top-of-the-range, but you get what you pay for.

“That’s a low price” does NOT guarantee the product is worth it.

In future
Today I see the Abel and Cole van again, and a neighbour tells me the produce is top quality.  “and it keeps and stays fresh.  I never have to throw any away”.
So it’s back to Julia, who says  “if you would like to order with us again, it is possible to do so on a one-off basis. I’d recommend you call us to place any order so that we would have the chance to talk you through your options and ensure you have exactly what you are expecting”.
In other words, not only is their service delightfully old-fashioned, but Julia knows how to deal with a computer illiterate like me!
Abel and Cole 

03452 62 62 62
(locally, that’s 020 3856 8560)