Welcome to AfterCancers.com, created by me, a cancer survivor, for other survivors, their friends and family. 

I hope to highlight the things ‘they’ don’t tell you, that help make out lives easier.  I wanted to share my experiences, so no-one else gets fobbed off with comments blaming side effects on “it’s your age”.   It’s not – its 99% bound to be caused by all the poisons pumped into us – but they do help us survive. .

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  • The site draws on a wealth of knowledge and opinions from eminent, helpful doctors, nurses, researchers, physios and other professionals both in UK, Europe and USA, who have agreed to share their knowledge.
  • The diary page – my musings about the world after cancer, drawing on my real life experiences – and I try to throw in some humour !
  • After cancer issues and hurdles are also covered in the diary – have a read, find information and leave a Comment.
  • Having fun after cancer is fundamental– to getting better and surviving in the long term, , so we dedicate a whole page on How to have fun again.
  • To contact me  email verite@greenbee.net or phone 44 (0)1856-343536

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including Certificate for SCOPE Volunteering Committee

November 2019 I was selected as one of the Top Blogs by Feedspot.

Check out the complete list here- https://blog.feedspot.com/uk_cancer_blogs/ “


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