It’s Party time!

Having just got over Partygate, it seems it’s party time again in Downing Street. So now could be a good time to revive Musical Chairs, the game we played as children.  But this time, gather all the many aspirants for party leadership together around the Cabinet table, set out the required number of chairs (less one) and have them all race around the table to a jolly tune.

Every time the music stops, and they scramble for a seat, one person would be eliminated – the music starts again – until only one person is left.  That person is appointed Prime Minister. Surely a faster, cheaper, more efficient way to select the new PM.  And more dignified than the present shouting matches.

We must all remember one of the candidates:  Jeremy Hunt.  Secretary of State for Health for umpteen years, and seldom seen (just as well, as he always looked like a scared rabbit).  Having done his best to ignore NHS problems, his platform is a book just published, explaining what he would do for the NHS – just a pity he didn’t do what he advocates whilst he had a chance.

Another candidate is Nadhim Zahawi, currently the Chancellor since 5th July this year.  He is good at playing musical chairs with postings, having been Under Minister for children in 2018, “Covid vaccination” Minister for one year in 2020 and jumped to Education in 2021.  What a busy boy.

Zahawi is not my favourite; I tried to contact him three times to find out if it was safe for me, with multiple allergies, to have the vaccine.  Eventually, I gave up as his office hadn’t bothered to reply, and asked my MP to do this on my behalf.  Ministers are supposed to reply if MPs approach them – but Zahawi twice ignored my MP’s request.  Too busy on his career path I suspect.

Cynically I think that whoever becomes Prime Minister will have a few weeks in the limelight before the sniping starts again.  Maybe next time officials in Downing Street will look out the gramophone and use it for musical chairs.  This would give them an excuse to party – life can’t be much fun in Downing Street today.

And my choice for PM?  My bet goes to Larry the cat;  a wise moggy who keeps his mouth shut and never bothers to search for a photo-opportunity, knowing the Pres will come to him.


My two least-favoufite candidates (Hunt anfd Zahawi) have been eliminated in the first ballot. !!!!