The NHS is funded by us – that’s every UK taxpayer

It is NOT free – my calculations on the back of an envelope work out that the average tax payer contributes between £3,000 –  £4,500 per person per year to fund this;  this also helps to pay for those who aren’t taxpayers, e.g. children and OAPs, etc. and entitled to free care.  It also funds those who manage to slip under the lax NHS net and get their healthcare for free!

So yes, we know the NHS is under-funded, stretched, extending waiting lists etc., and that the money just isn’t there for improvements. So how can we make sure we get best ‘value for money’?

I came across the following advice from Mission-Remission, and re-print it because it contains much sensible advice to help YOU get the best out of the service for which you are paying:

Andy Perserverence

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