Puzzling day – whom do I trust? Two days ago Swedish doctor who had trained at Karolinska Institute (one of world’s top cancer centres) says my moles should be looked at. https://aftercancers.com/2017/06/playing-the-system-to-get-nhs-treatment/

Today, see Locum at surgery to get a referral, and he says moles aren’t cancerous, etc. If he was trying to reassure me he didn’t. And what he described sounded very much like something that might turn cancerous if ignored.

Eventually he sees I am not going to go away, so says he will refer me – looks up appointment and sees first one available is September!

I trust the Swedish doctor more – she has had experience of working with cancer. So it’s time to go private – reluctantly. But it makes me mad because we are told we should get possible cancers checked out a.s.a.p. before they turn nasty. No wonder we are bottom of post-cancer survival rates in Europe.