Hints and Tips from fellow ‘social isolators’

Warning!  Many of these have been sent in good faith by readers, but please ensure you have anti-virus software installed, in case any of the websites have problems.

In the same vein as my previous funny

Wonder if this is one of the growing band of members

of the Indoor Mountain Climbing Club?


In case you feel like joining this feisty old lady, I’ve asked

fellow readers to supply tips to help keep us sane and





AGE UK  Many of their local offices are running useful voluntary services, such as Prescription collection services to deliver to your home. They may also be able to collect one-off prescriptions from local Heath Centres and Chemists. They also arrange phone calls to people who need a chat, to keep in touch etc.

BREAD  If you run out, Irish Soda Bread is simple to make, and doesn’t need any yeast or all that faffing around proving the dough.  Find lots of recipes online, and lemon juice in ordinary milk can substitute for buttermilk.

CARERS Judging by the indecision that surrounds reasons for being outdoors, until official guidance comes out,  those who have Carers might give them a signed letter with your name, address and telephone number, confirming they are working for you.  Then, if stopped by Police they can hand this over. And, as some Supermarkets limit the number of essentials you can buy, when shopping, such a letter can explain what seems to be stockpiling

COLOURING IN Did you see the incredible patterns created by Daily Mail readers when they printed a complex colouring-in design?  Now Chloe says on her ipad I have downloaded an app called April, it is a digital colouring app. It is colouring by numbers but it highlights the ones you need to fill which is helpful. :)

GROW YOUR OWN  Tomatoes grow anywhere, even in a window box.  I’ve grown cherry tomatoes in London window boxes, and it’s surprising how many tomatoes one plant will produce, and then go on and on until late Autumn. Herbs also love window boxes. Some garden centres are taking orders online;  some supermarkets sell these plants too.  If you buy potted herbs from the Supermarket, my experience is that, although you are told that these a forced and won’t transplant, if I plonked them in a window box, 50% came up again and flourished.

JIGSAW PUZZLES  If you like jigsaw puzzles, there’s an online site for this. It’s free to join, & then you can ‘bookmark’ any puzzles you hope to do later. See: https://www.jigidi.com/

 JOB OPPORTUNITY  Kashmiri goats, whoseancestors once roamed the mountains of Northern India. now live in Great Orme, near Llandudno; a corner of Wales,  When it’s Spring; the males get skittish, and at this season they are taking advantage of Llandudno’s empty streets due to lockdown, and invaded the streets of Llandudno on a ‘boys day out’, to investigate rubbish bins and other food sources. If anyone is jobless, think ‘cashmere jumpers’; genuine cashmere sweaters sell for £250 upwards.  Apparently it is their chest wool that is used to produce this butifully soft wool . Women of Wales are noted for making woolen goods, so why not get knitting! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-52103967

Any more bright ideas?  Please leave a comment below.  You might get inspired by this clip of Dr. Gianni Bonelli, playing the piano after he comes off shift at his hospital in Varese, Italy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoH-780vr4Y#action=share