I open the Daily Mail, and there in the Health pages is an article on The big face cream con, written by my dermatologist, Dr. David Fenton. He ‘rescued ‘  my itchy scalp and horrendous splitting nails, and only another woman can understand what that means. On the same day I get two phone calls to say that companies (foreign of course) were offering me loads of their samples for my Wellness Day.  Can’t wait for their confirmations so I can announce this!

When London Fire Brigade has to issue a warning over skincare, citing their concerns that elderly people have died as a result of using certain NHS prescribed skincare (https://aftercancers.com/prepare-your-skin-for-summer/) we know that we are badly served by the NHS.  OK, OK. I know it is underfunded, but stop interfering on subjets such as skincare, of which it knows very little.  Am still gobsmacked; only advererse reaction I have received so far over my Wellness Day came in a long email from an NHS cancer quango, basically trying to teach me my job and telling me what I can’t do about advising on skincare.  Actually, one of the main reasons for running this Wellness Day is to telll patients how they can access reputable skincare – so thank you very much, I don’t need to be told what the NHS advises, as its knowledge is abysmal.

Although I am not medically-qualified, I WAS a beauty editor for an American magazine, and to hold down such a job your editor is constantly asking you to justify what you have written, with research details. Incidentally I had bothered to go abroad to see what other countries did about handling skin problems caused by drug side effects;  when I bought back reports of clinical trials from France, (where they have possibly world’s best skincare)  specialy translated in to English to give to the the chief nurse at the Royal Marsden, I found them all dumped in the w.p.b. The NHS just hasn’t a clue.

Men. too, suffer from horrible skin problems as side-effects from drugs. And even more depressing, I found out you may think you have cleared things up, only to find months later, your skin flares up again.  So don’t throw out skin creams – you may need these to treat another outbreak.  Of course, I can’t give out medical advice on the Wellness Day, but you can come and see what my skin looks like (am I going to regret saying this?)

Luckily other countries take skincare more seriously;  that’s why I recommend products from Iceland, USA, France, Australia, New Zealand etc.  and hopefully will have lots of samples available.



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