Guess who must be making a fortune today?  Supermarkets.  Instead of pathetically wringing their hands and asking shoppers to think of others before panic buying, they should have put rationing in place.  The BBC has published a heartfelt plea from a Nurse  which must have gone viral.

A vulnerable friend undergoing cancer treatment went to her local Iceland during their ‘elderly’ hour, only to find fights going on between young people grabbing products.  Where were Security?

Today, greed is a fact of life of which Supermarket marketing departments are well aware.  Their advertising feeds on this fact, so it isn’t rocket science to expect it to break out now.  But my email Inbox is full of sanctimonious messages from Harrods to Waitrose, saying “your safety is paramount to us” and other platitudes.

Rubbish.  What is paramount is that bosses must be rubbing their hands with glee,  Goods are rushing out the door, and they probably haven’t had to spend a penny on advertising or discounted a single item to get empty shelves.