At last – a survey that wants YOUR views

LifeChamps are carrying out a survey into the health needs of middle-aged and older people with cancer

They are appealing for people to take part. And they genuinely mean YOU! 

LifeChamps is a research study that aims to develop a support service for middle-aged and older people with cancer and their families/friends after cancer treatment.

They ask “please help us understand what health needs, priorities and care requirements middle-aged and older people have after cancer treatment. What aspects of your health care would you want the service to help with?”  And what I particularly liked is that the survey doesn’t only take into account UK patient needs, but is also asking for contributions from other European Countries.

Participation is either a short online survey or telephone interview.  I filled out the online survey, and was encouraged to find that it was no ‘tick-box’ form, but asked intelligent questions that required thought.  It was even fun filling it out, as I was able to note down my particular gripes (it’s therapeutically beneficial to get it off my chest!)  And being a European study, it has no truck with the NHS mantra of being “envy of the world”.

What LifeChamps are looking for – is this you?

  • Patients — Aged 50 years or above; Diagnosed with breast or prostate cancer; Having finished primary cancer treatment (e.g. surgery / chemotherapy / radiotherapy).  This means that we will have finished our first bout of treatment, and can discuss long-term side effects.
  • Family members, friends or caregivers — Aged 18 years or above; Family member, friend or informal caregiver of a patient with breast or prostate cancer aged 50 years or above, who has finished primary cancer treatment (e.g. surgery / chemotherapy / radiotherapy).
  • ALL participants must have access to phone or Internet.
If you qualify,  go to