Currently the media is full of comment about relaxing regulations around lockdown. But, if we have successfully self-isolated, and probably developed a new way of life, there is nothing to say we have to revert back to how we were before.  If we are worried about Covid-19, and have managed to stay safe, nothing says we can’t continue leading a sensible life.

Many of us have discovered that working from home is do-able, and the benefits from less traffic and pollution, not to mention no longer paying a King’s ransom for a season ticket, outweigh the office chat.  Sadly, Londoners who relished quiet sleep say the helicopters are now churning up the skies well into the night again, policing the demonstrations.  Perhaps someone will come up with Virtual Demonstrations on-line instead.

Friends in Europe are expected to take command of their own health;  they tell their doctor what they need, use common sense when dealing with their health and doctors treat them as grown-ups.

In the UK we can have what an NHS guru called the ‘hospital-slave’ relationship, where we expect the NHS to sort out all our medical problems (possibly caused by our drinking, fast-food and no exercising culture),

But there is nothing to say we have to follow the herd.  Scenes on TV highlighting idiots crowding beaches, or mixing close up in demonstrations don’t have to be followed – unless you have an in-built herd mentality.

The UK has produced one of the world’s worst covid-19 infection rates.  But we don’t have to rush out to crowded pubs, festivals, B-B-Qs or anywhere where people congregate.  Most of us will find the chance to actually talk to a handful of friends – at a social distance – enough for the moment

We realise that covid-19 might return, but if we have managed to stay safe and are around now, a few more weeks of this life aren’t going to be too difficult.  One of the nice things about lockdown has been telephone conversations on a one-to-one basis; proving you can talk to a real friend for an hour, without once repeating yourself.

Now, hopefully, the weather will cheer up;  I can bring out a chilled bottle and have a good, old-fashioned natter with a friend, without all the faff of cooking and clearing up after a big group. Bliss!