NHS hasn’t treated cancer patients very well

We are wonderful! We stood back, accepted canceled appointments, and didn’t made a fuss.  Now, it’s payback time. Time to check up on appointments we’ve missed, chase up referrals and get back on our treatment track.


Anyone worried about safety and hygiene in a hospital will find that staff go out of their way to keep their place clean.

  • As you arrive, your temperature is taken
  • if you aren’t wearing a mask there are supplies as you check-in
  • every bit of furniture you might possibly touch will have been wiped over before you arrive.

If you are going in for a day procedure, or overnight, you will have a prior appointment at a drive-in local Covid-19 test centre, which is very fast.

If you come by hospital transport, you will be the only one in the car or ambulance;  this usually means no long waits – your car arrives in time to get you there, but not two hours before as used to be the case.  Usually you will be the only passenger, so you don’t waste time picking up other people.  And since lockdown started, transport often is waiting to take you home immediately after your appointment.  I’ve only had one long wait (two hours – like old times!) in umpteen visits!

Advice from Patients’ Association

Their Rachel Power says, “Unlike during the first wave, the NHS is trying to keep as much of its regular treatment going as it can, so if you’re waiting for a procedure of any kind you should have heard about it, and if not it’s probably worth chasing up. In areas particularly badly affected by COVID-19, we know cancellations are happening, so things aren’t entirely back to normal, but it will be worth checking if in doubt.”

It is essential that you get check-ups and continue with treatment.  You may find that your mobility has suffered, especially if you were having hydrotherapy for joint pain etc.  Your GP should be able to refer you for physio, and I have started working with a delightful physio who has taken a good look at my current state (dire) and given me some simple, but do-able, exercises. And already I can feel more energised.

Getting an appointment

You may have already ‘got back in the system’ and have an appointment booked.

If not, or if the appointment is way too long to wait, it’s time to phone the Secretary – for your consultant or department.  Asking them about appointments, I am finding them very helpful.  And don’t forget to send a short thank you note, so next time they remember you and are helpful again.

If that doesn’t work – go to this website’s Home Page and select the category  ‘Getting an Appointment’ (column on right) – there are umpteen different ways of making sure you are seen.

So the message is there – hospitals are open – so get in there are make up for lost time as soon as you can.