Next time you can’t face the thought of getting out into the kitchen, a Dietician has just suggested this simple milkshake, using Ovaltine. or Horlicks.

This makes a nutritious alternative to making a meal, when you just can’t face the thought of cooking.  However, to ensure you get all your nutients, dfon’t forget to eat some fruit and/or veg. along with your Shake.

The old stand-by Ovaltine or Horlicks has lots going for it, and if you make ithe drink with milk, not water, it contains lots of Protein.  This drink can be made cold in the summer, or with hot milk in winter, andf if you whizz it up in a Food Processor its lovely and frothy.


  • 1/3 pint (180ml) full-fat milk  (or used skimmed or semi-skimed if you prefer)
  • 2 heaped tablespoons (30g) dried skimmed milk powder
  • 5 heaped teaspoons (25g) ‘Ovaltine Original Add Milk powder  or 5 heaped teaspoons (25g) ‘Horlicks Malted Food Drink powder
  • Mix milk powder & milkshake/Ovaltine or Horlicks powder together in a glass.
  • Gradually mix in hot or cold milk & stir well.
This 220ml milkshake provides 320kcals and 17-19g Protein