First, one of the Queen’s bridesmaids was apparently left on a hospital trolley for 20 hours, before being found a bed in an NHS hospital ward.  What on earth were the family doing?  Her mother was one of richest women in Britain, so why on earth didn’t they call a private ambulance and have her transferred to the excellent local private hospital?  When my 90 year old mother had a similar problem, I just called a private ambulance, and within an hour of arriving at a private hospital she was in theatre. That op. saved her life.

Then, Mrs. May makes a spectacle of herself defending the NHS in Parliament, and got very heated defending NHS, claiming our healthcare is better than anywhere in the world! citing the Commonwealth Society of US (an obscure charity with CEO of NHS England, Simon Stevens, on Board).

Why not quote our National Audit Office, the World Health Organisation, etc. who all have statistics proving our healthcare is way down in world survival charts;  but she  prefers to take the word of an obscure American charity.

I see we still have Weasel Hunt in post;  presumably he has a cushy job lined up, and doesn’t want to jeopardise it for when he ‘retires’. Perhaps he is thinking of his predecessor La La Lansley, architect of current NHS problems with his controversial Health and Social Care Bill, who stepped in to a very, very lucrative job advising corporate clients of management consultants Bain and Co., on healthcare reforms, despite David Cameron’s pledge to close the “revolving door” between Whitehall and the private sector.  Oh – and he was ‘awarded’ with title of ‘Lord’ Lansley.

Will somebody please up-date the Central Office crib sheet MPs quote from – it’s full of misleading information, and not worthy of UK research.  We produced more Nobel prize winners than any other country, but can’t keep Granny safe in a hospital corridor; no bed for her because we are now 30th in world in number of beds per 100,000 population.  Sad.