Nutrition, Food And Exercise

Eating for Osteoporosis

Confused about what's good/bad for your to eat? Especially if you have Osteoporosis? You are not alone Recently certain food 'gurus' have been distancing themselves from leaving out food groups such as dairy from their diets- loudly claiming they never meant this. I...

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Aqua aerobics are excellent exercise

Britain has many hospital hydrotherapy pools - why are we allowing so many to close? In Europe they are expanding as doctors see the benefits. Spa waters at Casciana Terme, Italy Italy has come up with good ideas for Acqua Aerobics; I tried them out in Casciana Terme...

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We are doing something right in Britain !

Recent European Health Interview Survey                                                                                                       shows we are tops when it comes to eating our 'five a day'  We may be bottom of European survival rates post cancer, and used...

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Organic foods – are they a fad?

Latest fad is eating food from crops planted according to Moon phases Moon Madness seems just a bit too far Latest TV chefs to hit the lucrative spin-off trail from their own TV series are the Hemsley Sisters.  The cameras love them, but in their quest to come up with...

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Movement at Wellness Day

Movement and Cancer Isabelle Brough is providing mini-massages at the Wellness Day (Dorchester-on-Thames Friday April 12th).  She kindly sent me a copy of the Essay she wrote for her Oncology Massage Practitioner Diploma.  Whilst you lie back and let her work her...

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Don’t give up if your New Year Resolution was to lose weight

Losing weight is probably the most popular New Year Resolution. But before you stock up on 'low fat' foods, do you know what to look for? Fruit is a 'goodie', but even these have different calorie counts:- But nutrionists tell us we should vary the fruit we eat, as...

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