The club no one wants to join

Dear L

This isn’t a fun place to be, in fact, it is B……y confusing and scary   You see, there isGirl write cartoon illustration - 51003636 no typical case, so no one is really able to tell you what is going to happen.

The next few weeks you might feel you are on a production line hurtling along, and no-one has the time to stop it, and explain what is going on.

You are going to have to suss it out for yourself, and – I hope – have a few wry smiles on the way.  And perhaps some laughs as you find out one thing for sure – you’ll have a good laugh with fellow patients.

Llisten to your body.  It knows what is best for YOU”.  A very wise old Consultant told me this, and said the best way to get through treatment is to be Bxxxxy minded and stick out for what you know you want“..

You will get stupid comments on the way as people tell you “you must try this”.  Or “there is this miracle cure….”  .  Ignore them, there isn’t.  Don’t even take my advice unless it is for something you feel is right for you..

Go for fun.  There are treatments such as Aromatherapy Massage which are gorgeous. And good for you.   See more on

Incidentally, go for COMPLIMENTARY Therapies – but avoid those marked  ALTERNATIVE (usually means there is no proof they work).

Best piece of advice I was given was “when you get back with the shopping, leave it on the table and go and have a rest.  You can put it away later”.

And REST.  Your body is having to put up with a fight going on inside between your drugs and the cancer.  You can’t see what is happening, but when you are tired it is telling you to slow down and give it chance to sort things out behind the scenes.

Best wishes,