You can’t argue with the English countryside in May.  Whatever the headlines, a trip out into the country puts everything into perspective.  I had been asked to be a ‘model’ – in inverted commas because I am far from a Cat Walk Queen – but basically Jennifer Young of Beauty Beyond Cancer wanted cancer patients so Beauty Therapists working in the Soho House outlets could meet us and work on our compromised skin.  There comes a time when Aunties call on nieces, and Teula bravely said she would drive me to Soho Farmhouse – she goes there to swim, but this time she got distracted by ducklings and then the sunbeds!

Jasmine bravely took me in hand, and gave me a blissful treatment.  What was so good was that she obviously had studied our needs.  First thing was testing the couch;  she was very concerned that it would be comfortable for me.  Well, all I can say is it is the MOST comfortable treatment couch I have ever lain on.  Other beauty salons please copy.  Then, she was staring at me intently whilst asking a few basic questions before she got going.  No nonsense there, I was following all her hand movements and guessing which and what creams she was using, and they all seem tailored exactly for me.

Normally, if I have a beauty treatment at a new  salon in Britain, as soon as I mention on their forms the word ‘cancer’  I am  put in a corner whilst “my Manager would like to speak to you”; once I was ushered out of a post West End salon with “we have made a decision we don’t treat cancer patients”.  That really made me feel the lowest form of life.  But Jasmine had obviously been well trained, and was incredibly welcoming.  Reminded me of treatments at cancer hospitals in Europe, where massage and other therapies are part of our care.

At the end, what counts is what your skin looks and feels like.  Well, I still can’t stop looking in the mirror, and the horrible rough skin I have had since my last medical treatment has all gone – it’s back to smooth, smooth feeling each time I touch my face.  There’s a big smile there, so watch this space and I will put up a list of where and when these user-friendly treatment centres are opening (in Europe as well as UK). In the meantime if you want to try Beauty Beyond Cancer go to