Diary Of A Survivor

Awarded Social Care ‘Cancer Blog of the Year! by Global Health and Pharma

A friend calls his diary ‘my dreary’; since he had cancer it now lists hospital appointments instead of parties. Know exactly what he means – so here is my Dreary.


18.12.17 Cancer Charities present at Britain Against Cancer conference are posting reports on the Internet. Reading between their lines it wasn't the best cancer conference ever. http://www.chris-cancercommunity.com/chris-lewis-against-cancer/  mentions the filter...

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Diary archives

28.11.17 Am I alone, or are others fed up with TV ads and speakers harping on about how cancer makes them feel, and how they bravely got through it.  We all know what it's like - what we need is a strong charity behind us who will act as advocates, going forward to...

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The NHS Doesn’t Understand Good Housekeeping

The NHS doesn’t understand good housekeeping; it wastes our money in so many ways, one wonders what the next daffy ‘initiative’ will cost. Our local Kensington and Chelsea Healthwatch has decided that cancer care and prevention is no longer a...

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My Favourite Acronym Is KISS

My favourite acronym is KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid). So often during medical treatment I think of this, whilst doctors pull long faces discussing treatment option when you know Granny’s remedy is best. Now, the Grenfell Tower enquiry looks...

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BBC shoots itself in the foot!

This week the BBC sends me a threatening letter, telling me I am going to have to pay for my once-free TV Licence next year.  Today, another letter from the BBC enclosing a) my free licence up to 31st May 2020, and b) more threats.  If they are so hard-up, hasn't...

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Sons and Fathers

Or how politicians have changed in one Generation In days when politicians listened to those who elected them, and were deemed to have ethics, Jim Prior (member for Lowestoft, Suffolk), said “we have a duty, not only in economic terms, but also in social and moral...

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Middle Britain shows it is fed up!

Can you imagine all the rats deserting sinking political party HQs this week? Serve them right.  Like others, our little patch of endangered Britain finally woke up. In our area, a brand new candidate swept the council cronies off their comfortable seats, delivering a...

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Miracle needed for my face!

I have just realised the Wellness Day I am organising is a few days away.  The idea behind the event is to showcase some of the therapies and products available to help us look and feel better.  I will be welcoming people as they come through the door, but I have done...

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