Diary Of A Survivor

Awarded Social Care ‘Cancer Blog of the Year! by Global Health and Pharma

A friend calls his diary ‘my dreary’; since he had cancer it now lists hospital appointments instead of parties. Know exactly what he means – so here is my Dreary.

Good news for some

Reading about the fantastic results of the TAILORx trials, announced at the ASCO Conference in Chicago. Over 30,000 of the world's top oncologists gather here annually, and this year was buzzing with good news - for some, as the announcement came that chemotherapy...

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Oh! to be in England

You can't argue with the English countryside in May.  Whatever the headlines, a trip out into the country puts everything into perspective.  I had been asked to be a 'model' - in inverted commas because I am far from a Cat Walk Queen - but basically Jennifer Young of...

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When friends get operations cancelled

One reads about operations being cancelled at the last minute, but when it happened to a friend this growing problem really hit home to me.  I was about to send her a card as she was due to have a hip replacement, and I get an email to say her op had been cancelled at...

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Bullying is still around, in all kinds of ways.  I moved at end of January, and registered with new GP.  Told him my history (boring) and asked for referral to local cancer hospital for check-ups. Ten weeks later, have had four letters and two telephone calls telling...

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Supermarket greed

Guess who must be making a fortune today?  Supermarkets.  Instead of pathetically wringing their hands and asking shoppers to think of others before panic buying, they should have put rationing in place.  The BBC has published a heartfelt plea from a Nurse...

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When will the NHS think about patients?

The Paterson case rears its very ugly head again, and again the NHS's neglect of patient care is highlighted in the most horrific circumstances. Surgeon Ian Paterson's treatment of patients with breast cancer was so bad that he has been given a 20-year prison...

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We’ve got Christmas back!

Is it just me, or are the Christmas Ads, jingles and jollification toned down this year?  There seem fewer 'Christmassy' themes around; I put this down to the Election. causing people to think about the consumerism that assaults us in the run-up to December 25th. And...

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