Tips And Tricks

SimPal to the rescue

During treatment, have you ever felt cut off from friends and family because you mobile phone credit has run out? Chris Lewis, founder of the wonderfully sensible and helpful charity, simPal, knows.  So he founded a charity that supplies free, pre-paid simcards for...

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Things are looking up for the elderly

No sooner did I post an article about Loneliness, than there was a ring on the doorbell Recently, our Local Community Champions Officer, Linda,  has been visiting elderly people in Kensington and Chelsea, handing out a very welcoming pack for older residents. Inside...

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Travel Insurance for cancer patients

Useful Question at Britain Against Cancer As soon as you finish hospital treatment, you want to get away for a break. But even if it is only for a weekend, the cost of medical insurance can be astronomical, and the EHIC card doesn't cover repatriation, etc. So I ended...

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Chatting for Cancer

Patients, especially the elderly, can find themselves isolated and alone after treatment. Often there are money worries too, but a no-cost (to the patient) mobile phone can help keep people in touch, and a newish scheme set up by a cancer patient is designed to help....

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Looking after the Elderly

Americans seem to look after their elderly better than we do I can't imagine an American 'senior' putting up with the second class  care that the NHS sometimes doles out. Those of us with elderly relatives get into a routine, knowing each time we get the dreaded phone...

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