Tips And Tricks

Travel Insurance for cancer patients

Useful Question at Britain Against Cancer As soon as you finish hospital treatment, you want to get away for a break. But even if it is only for a weekend, the cost of medical insurance can be astronomical, and the EHIC card doesn't cover repatriation, etc. So I ended...

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Chatting for Cancer

Patients, especially the elderly, can find themselves isolated and alone after treatment. Often there are money worries too, but a no-cost (to the patient) mobile phone can help keep people in touch, and a newish scheme set up by a cancer patient is designed to help....

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Looking after the Elderly

Americans seem to look after their elderly better than we do I can't imagine an American 'senior' putting up with the second class  care that the NHS sometimes doles out. Those of us with elderly relatives get into a routine, knowing each time we get the dreaded phone...

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Little Tips

Wacky ideas that might help Although I try to only include information that comes from reputable sources (hospitals, official European cancer centres, recognised research centres, etc.), ocassionally I get sent hints and tips that apparently have worked for their...

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