Diary Of A Survivor

Awarded Social Care ‘Cancer Blog of the Year! by Global Health and Pharma

A friend calls his diary ‘my dreary’; since he had cancer it now lists hospital appointments instead of parties. Know exactly what he means – so here is my Dreary.

Oh! to be in England

You can't argue with the English countryside in May.  Whatever the headlines, a trip out into the country puts everything into perspective.  I had been asked to be a 'model' - in inverted commas because I am far from a Cat Walk Queen - but basically Jennifer Young of...

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When friends get operations cancelled

One reads about operations being cancelled at the last minute, but when it happened to a friend this growing problem really hit home to me.  I was about to send her a card as she was due to have a hip replacement, and I get an email to say her op had been cancelled at...

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Bullying is still around, in all kinds of ways.  I moved at end of January, and registered with new GP.  Told him my history (boring) and asked for referral to local cancer hospital for check-ups. Ten weeks later, have had four letters and two telephone calls telling...

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Don’t expect too much from the NHS

Do we expect too much from the NHS?  When The King's Fund, an important think tank asks this question - it makes me think. Moving from one area of the country to another, I've just given up expecting anything. On the plus side I now belong to a surgery that offers me...

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Am I being selfish?

Patients have the drive and motivitation to search for the best care, so when we take time to do our research and work out what is causing frightening side effects, why don't doctors listen to us? Admit that we know and understand what is causing problems. Cancer...

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Cancer care shame

It's official: Britain has possibly the worst cancer care in Europe The NHS tries to claim it's the "envy of the world", but recent headlines in the media highlighting official cancer survival rates told the real facts. With the problems we face daily, it can't have...

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Cannabis, NICE and Arrogance

Recently the media was full of stories saying that medical cannabis was to be available on the NHS to help control pain.  Yet so far it seems only two patients had managed to get a prescription.  Friends have to pay to get this, but why? Interviewing Andrew Lansley...

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Simple way to save NHS money

A letter in The Telegraph" A reader in France sent a letter, saying if he needed to see his orthopeadic surgeon, "I would phone the hospital and get an appointment with him and also an X-ray appointment for an hour earlier.  This appointment would be within two to...

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