Diary Of A Survivor

Awarded Social Care ‘Cancer Blog of the Year! by Global Health and Pharma

A friend calls his diary ‘my dreary’; since he had cancer it now lists hospital appointments instead of parties. Know exactly what he means – so here is my Dreary.


Bullying is still around, in all kinds of ways.  I moved at end of January, and registered with new GP.  Told him my history (boring) and asked for referral to local cancer hospital for check-ups. Ten weeks later, have had four letters and two telephone calls telling...

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Don’t expect too much from the NHS

Do we expect too much from the NHS?  When The King's Fund, an important think tank asks this question - it makes me think. Moving from one area of the country to another, I've just given up expecting anything. On the plus side I now belong to a surgery that offers me...

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Joined-up care

It looks like the shemozzle over the next NHS pay-rise is over.  Now basic minimum wage will be £8.93 an hour, which is 18p above the living wage of £8.75.  Big deal - can't see that is going to get people flocking to work for the NHS.  This piffling amount has been...

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What a difference a welcome makes

13.2.18 Set off for my very first medical appointments in Oxford, and had a wonderful welcome at both.  First stop was to check in with the Maggie Centre and a meeting to discuss benefits.  In London I qualified for enough of these to cover the cost of a carer;  I...

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Cannabis, NICE and Arrogance

Recently the media was full of stories saying that medical cannabis was to be available on the NHS to help control pain.  Yet so far it seems only two patients had managed to get a prescription.  Friends have to pay to get this, but why? Interviewing Andrew Lansley...

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Simple way to save NHS money

A letter in The Telegraph" A reader in France sent a letter, saying if he needed to see his orthopeadic surgeon, "I would phone the hospital and get an appointment with him and also an X-ray appointment for an hour earlier.  This appointment would be within two to...

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BBC shoots itself in the foot!

This week the BBC sends me a threatening letter, telling me I am going to have to pay for my once-free TV Licence next year.  Today, another letter from the BBC enclosing a) my free licence up to 31st May 2020, and b) more threats.  If they are so hard-up, hasn't...

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Sons and Fathers

Or how politicians have changed in one Generation In days when politicians listened to those who elected them, and were deemed to have ethics, Jim Prior (member for Lowestoft, Suffolk), said “we have a duty, not only in economic terms, but also in social and moral...

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