Diary Of A Survivor

Awarded Social Care ‘Cancer Blog of the Year! by Global Health and Pharma

A friend calls his diary ‘my dreary’; since he had cancer it now lists hospital appointments instead of parties. Know exactly what he means – so here is my Dreary.

Bleak Outlook for cancer survivors

I sometimes think survivors are mad!   We readily help out with volunteer work and contribute hours to helping prevent others getting cancer,  yet when I ask Cancer Research UK how much of their £600 million+  turnover last year went to help survivors, I was told...

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Angry bricks go flying

It's time we got fighting boots on and campaigned for better care.  Dept. Health seems to have forgotten cancer, and last week two consultants told me services they can offer have been cut. One greeted me "I've been told I can't look after you any more". Reassuringly,...

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Biter bit

Former Conservative health secretary Andrew Lansley has bowel cancer, and called on the government to improve the NHS’s current screening programme for the disease.  Funny, I remember the last time I had a conversation with the Minister, I asked him why it was the NHS...

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Naked protests

MPs are warning about sending negotiators 'naked' to Brussels over Brexit. Well, this has given me a wonderful idea.  There is a Russian sect called the Doukhobours that emigrated to Canada.  Normally peaceful, they protect their traditions fiercely.  Sometimes they...

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Supermarket greed

Guess who must be making a fortune today?  Supermarkets.  Instead of pathetically wringing their hands and asking shoppers to think of others before panic buying, they should have put rationing in place.  The BBC has published a heartfelt plea from a Nurse...

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When will the NHS think about patients?

The Paterson case rears its very ugly head again, and again the NHS's neglect of patient care is highlighted in the most horrific circumstances. Surgeon Ian Paterson's treatment of patients with breast cancer was so bad that he has been given a 20-year prison...

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We’ve got Christmas back!

Is it just me, or are the Christmas Ads, jingles and jollification toned down this year?  There seem fewer 'Christmassy' themes around; I put this down to the Election. causing people to think about the consumerism that assaults us in the run-up to December 25th. And...

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